Recovery on the horizon?




Recovery on the horizon?

The thought in everyone’s mind these days, apart from Sachin retiring, the upcoming elections and who will be evicted from Big Boss next, is when will the real estate recovery take place?

Various thoughts of school exist on this and each has its own reasons behind it. Historically, the period immediately after Diwali has seen a spurt of movement in the market, with developers rushing to launch projects and consumers with fat bonuses thinking of ways to spend them.
This year however, it has been a bit eerily quiet. Yes a couple of projects were launched, yes a couple of transactions happened, but it was all too on the low key.

Everyone is talking about the next trigger point. When will the market recover? When should I sell my house? When should I buy a house are the questions we hear from everyone almost on a daily basis.

Here’s our view on it – When should you sell your house? Only when you need to is the simple answer to it. In hindsight, almost every decision we ever take is wrong so make the decision independently.
When should you buy a house? – The simple and boring answer is when you need to, but I would go a step ahead and say that buy when the information provided to you points to the price being correct or lower than it should be. Don’t wait in the hope that the market will fall further.

We feel that the next trigger point for the market is the 2014 elections and there will be impetus in the real estate markets post that.

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