Safety features you must have in your home!


You want your house to have a perfect location, properly geared with basic facilities, social infrastructure, layout and designer features. Many of us even hire an interior decorator to give an exclusive look to our house. In the race of making our house stand up to our expectations we often forget to take into account the safety factor. Following are some points that you must inspect before giving away your hard earned money.

1)    Land Inspection

Delhi has become the new hub for skyscrapers and people are rushing towards investing their money solely attracted by the infrastructure and stupendous facilities. Aware of the fact that Delhi lies in the seismically active risk zone how many of you ask for a land inspection before signing the deal? Very few! It is important to know whether the skyscraper you are living in is actually earthquake resistant or not. You should insist your builder to provide you with a structural stability certificate to ensure that you are living in a safe home.

2)    Fire resistant construction

Fire safety is another feature that you must ensure before investing in any project. Fire fighting equipment like extinguishers, fire hoses, sprinkler systems, fire alarms should be installed. Moreover, every apartment building with three or more floors must compass a certificate of approval from the director of the local fire force or an authorised officer. These documents should be checked before purchasing the house. Following are some fire fighting equipment:

Smoke Detectors: Smoke detector is a device that indicates smoke intimating a fire around.  These devices detect carbon monoxide from a fire. They are placed in such a way that their alarms are audible. These are very helpful in cases where a fire is secretly brewing in your home.

Fire Extinguishers: In case there is a fire in your house, you quickly call 101. Till the time the fire ambulance shows up you have to take the charge and protect yourself. For this, you must have a fire extinguisher to smother it with. Never assume that you won’t need one, because the possibility is always present.

Sprinkler System: A sprinkler system is installed in the ceiling to quench a fire in extreme cases where it gets out of hand. It’s like a shield which will protect your house in case a huge fire erupts.

3)    Emergency Phone Numbers

You should always have a list of important phone numbers near the telephone. Any of the family members can fall in a situation where it is difficult to locate or remember phone numbers of those who could help. Having one may someday help you to prevent yourself from a miss happening.

4)    Emergency Ladder

If you have chosen a house on other than ground floor then you must have an emergency ladder which is designed in such a way that you can have access to the bottom floor in case of urgency. There is a huge possibility of an injury if you don’t have an emergency ladder in the house during a situation like this.

5)    Home Security System

A home security system is an electronic structure installed in the home to monitor locked doors and windows. In apartments there are usually CCTVs and other security systems to ensure their resident’s safety. But other than apartments, people should have a home security system installed at the time of construction only. Any criminal activity like theft is detected as soon anyone will try to open locked doors and windows.

So if you have not hired a safety expert till now, we advise you to hire one and get yourself secured. It is always better to resort to preventive measures than mourning over a loss. Natural or man-made disasters don’t come announced. So take measures and be safe! For more details and any queries contact us at


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