Top 5 Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


 The moment you think of renovation there is a surge of excitement and anxiety in the whole family. Kids insist on selecting their room paint colours while the wife often chooses the furniture and the matching curtains. From kitchen and bathroom tiles to the type of flooring everything has to be the best. You may set up unrealistic budgets or spend hours online to choose the best interiors in the haste of giving your home the perfect look but before turning your renovation plans into reality there are a few things that should be kept in mind:-

  Spending on luxuries 

It is very important to spend on necessities first and then on the luxuries. We often end up buying something that was not meant to be bought. While choosing your dining table your eyes should not be rolling here and there on the cabinet or to the side tables. It’s easy to see a picture and say that’s what I want in my bedroom, but you really need to look into your pockets first. You must follow your budget initially and then go for the luxuries when you are done buying the top ten things on your list.

Hiring the wrong contractor

You will find a big contractor list for your area but you have to choose the best because after all he is going to be in your home and turn your renovation plans into reality. Investigate his position in the market and consult previous customers before settling on to any decision. Check for his quality of work, regularity and also whether the labour he has appointed is reliable or not.

   Choosing the wrong paints

Picking the right paint can be one of the toughest decisions you make for your home. You don’t realize that there is paint for every surface. While choosing your paints you must ensure that it will provide a breathing space to each and every room. For instance, go for a pale green or yellow for kitchen; this will give it a brighter look, while for living rooms; eggshell makes the room look more spacious and cozy.

 Compromising on quality

Never install cheap materials; you’re going to get what you pay for. We often compromise on the quality of products while renovating our house. We look for cheap hardware or electric appliances which give only short term benefits and sooner or later we find ourselves stuck with a plumber or electrician on every weekend. If you think it’s too expensive then you must wait and save more.

  Not getting insurance

If you are planning to renovate your house you should inform the insurance company and get builder’s risk insurance added to your home policy. This will lead to a rise in your house value and also if something happens during construction such as a fire, insurance company will atleast provide minimal charge of it.  Also make sure that your contractor has worker’s compensation coverage to protect them otherwise you could be liable if a worker gets injured on the site.

So from now, before planning a renovation keep these key points in mind. Explore the market and plan accordingly. After all nothing is better than a wise planner. For expert advice and more tips contact us at


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