One Acre Farmhouse Policy



When one thinks of farmhouses, we imagine manicured lawns, a fancy swimming pool and a colonial house sprawled on acres of land. Delhi has a long belt of area’s like Chattarpur and Westend Greens where the land prices are anywhere from Rs. 20 crores per acre to Rs. 40 crores per acre and we needed a minimum of 2.5 acres that put this oasis out of reach for the common man.

Now, the Delhi government has come up with a new agenda of ‘Country homes’ where the farmhouse area has been scaled down to 1 acre making it accessible for a higher group of people, who can now afford to buy a farmhouse in Delhi. Even though areas like Chattarpur and Westend are still expensive for one acre, new areas like Najafgarh, Jhatikra, Bijwasan, Jaunapur (there is a list of 26 such areas) has opened up where the prices are from Rs. 4 crores to 10 crores an acre. One can make four separate houses spread across 10,000 square feet land on one acre with a common swimming pool. With the prices ascending rapidly in the city area people have already started investing in land around the village with the anticipation of the one acre policy.

The one acre property policy has put pressure on the property prices in South Delhi as both the investments are evenly priced .Is the rift actually justified? Can we really compare a posh house in South Delhi with a lush green land in the outskirts of Delhi? Tell us! What do you prefer? A floor in South Delhi of 300 square yards or 1 acre farmhouse with 10,000 square feet of area, a bit further away for the same price?                                                                                                               Your opinion counts! Comment and make your preference heard. 


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